Today brings the exciting news of a new product sponsor to my campaign, Stowaways Foods. Stowaways provide convenient, easy to prepare hearty food for outdoor people, easy to stow and no fridge or tin opener needed – perfect for Mini life!!

I will be experiencing a selection of their kitchen during my journey across the Atlantic. Having only tried a couple before I’m keen to give the rest of the menu a go.

– Chunky Chilli Con Carne
– Chicken Balti Saag
– Chunky Vegetable Chilli
– Chicken & Bacon Pasta
– Lancashire Hotpot
– Coq au Vin
– Beef in Ale
– Lancashire Hotpot
– Sausage Casserole
– Venison Casserole

As the meals are pre cooked “cooking” them is simple. All I will need to do is place the whole pouch in my jet boil and watch it heat up! Nom nom nom! 

Stowaway Foods will be at the Southampton Boat Show, where you ask them any questions about their products, and possibly even give them a try!

Buy your own now and get 20% off with this code: RYA20!