19th September in Douarnenez, 74 competitors, 16 different nationalities, of which there are only 4 girls.
I’ve been working towards the Mini Transat for 3 years now, having narrowly missed out in 2013, being 2nd on the waiting list. 3 years seems like a long time but WOW how time has flied with only 3 weeks until the race village opens.

I feel prepared and on top of everything, I’m almost getting stressed about not being stressed! Saying that, waking up this morning knowing we only have one month left is quite daunting, and the to do list is still quite long – 31 days sounds much better right?!

I’ve just got back from a couple weeks in England, which included working for Sailing Logic during Cowes Week. Sailing and teaching Sailing Logic Individuals, as well as corporate guests through Britannia Events. I thoroughly enjoyed the week, and re discovered my love of teaching and getting involved with a fully crewed boat. Fully crewed hasn’t won me over yet though, I still much prefer the challenge and enjoyment of solo sailing!

Having been away from the boat and Transat preparations I’m now madly getting the boat ready, my life has become spreadsheets and to do lists, which seems to be never ending.

Boreal’s coming out the water tomorrow, and the mast coming out. For a fresh antifoul paint job, and a thorough check over the rigging.