Since the frustration and disappointment of not making the start of the Mini Transat 2013, I’ve been planning, and working on the next project. The Mini Transat 2015, and this time I’m taking no risks – I’m starting now, 2014 sees the beginning of a two year campaign.

I’ve now left the Artemis Offshore Academy and returned my good friend “Basecamp” (Mini 438 – Pogo 2). Although it ended in disappointment of not making the Transat, it was a great year and full of memories and experiences I will take with me. Now with a years experience in the Mini class under my belt I’m keen to get going this year and see what I can do.

“Borèal” Mini 741, designed, built and sailed by Rémi Fermin, who victoriously sailed her into 3rd place in the 2013 Mini Transat. Borèal is a prototype Mini, but unlike most others her hull is glass with carbon appendices and has 2*200L of water ballast with a fixed keel rather than the usual swing keel. Simple, reliable and fast!

Boréal and I will be based in the UK this year, training and getting as much time on the water as possible before the race season kicks off in May. I’m going to be based in Hamble, working in the King and Queen so come say hi if you’re around.

The main aim for this year is to compete in the Les Sables Azores race and to qualify for the Mini Transat 2015. Unfortunately as I’ve now changed boats I need to start again, completing my required 1,000 race miles and 1,000 mile non stop passage.

04th May – UK Solent – 300 miles solo/double – Lymington to La Trinite
20th May – Mini en Mai – 500 miles solo – La Trinite (start and finish)
29th May – Armen Race – 300 miles double – La Trinite (start and finish)
20th July – SAS – 2560 miles solo – Les Sables – Azores – Les Sables



With a new campaign comes new partnerships and I’m very happy to announce and say thank you to everyone who’s onboard for this project. I’m still looking for a title sponsor and more funding partnerships to reach my goal, please get in touch if you’d like to join the team. It’s going to be a very exciting two years.

Lloyd, Jo, Richard, Fiona, Tony, Stuart, Steven, Alex, Sue, Will, Chris, Kay, Nicola, Catherine, Geoff, Nigel, Simon, Caz, Andrew, Paddy, Andy, Martin, Chris, Kate, Bex, Charles, Bob, Pippa, Glen, Chris, Katie, and Paul.

Every single one of you helped me reach my 2013 goal, and your continued support has helped me moving forward.

A particular thank you to those who have helped kickstart my new 2014/5 campaign:
Rémi, Dave, Pete, Tom, Jane, Simon, Coral and James.