On Saturday 7th June I set off from La Trinite-sur-Mer on my 1,000 mile qualification passage.
Early Monday morning I finished my passage in Douarnenez having sailed 1,100 miles in 8.5 days. The course took me up to Coningbeg off the South East corner of Ireland, down to Rochebonne and Ile de Rhe, off La Rochelle, then back up to finish in Douarnenez.

I had a mix of conditions, I drifted for the first two days, only managing 12 miles in the first 18 hours. I then sailed a very Western route across the Channel in search of wind and I found it. With winds up to 32 knots with a massive swell, nose diving was frequent. Having rounded Coningbeg and returning back South, I sat drifting 3 miles off the Scillys between the rocks and the TSS for nearly 20 hours. Once clear of the Scillys I had a great run down to Ile de Rhe, where I passed under the bridge and began my trip back North to Douarnnenez.

I learnt a about Boreal on my trip and tackled through my problems as we went along. The biggest problem was a crack on my rudder mounting, which was opening up quite substantially, particularly in the swell in the Irish Sea. I got the epoxy out and lashed it together – thankfully it held together for the rest of the trip. Along with the rudder, I had a leaking bow fitting, and was having to empty 1 or 2 buckets of water out my crash box every day. The gate on my water ballast was also blocked, and so to fill my tanks I needed to fill both then empty one – I think I spent the whole trip bailing and sponging the boat out!! While in the Irish sea I lost my wind data, I have a spare halyard line mouses out and taped up the mast. The line broke and the top half flew up and tangled itself around the anemometer. Needless to say I was kept busy during my trip.

It was a great trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’m very much looking forward to my next adventures.

Video and photos 

Les Sables Azores 2014
aving completed my 1,000 mile solo passage and over 500 miles of racing.
I have now officially qualified for Les Sables Azores starting on 20th July 2014.


Mini Fastnet 2014
Today sees the start of the famous double handed Mini Fastnet 2014, starting and finishing in Douarnenez, rounding the Fastnet Rock.

I will be sailing with fellow SORC sailor Myles Perrin, who’s about to find out just what Mini sailing is like.


Mini Transat 2015

Providing I complete the Mini Fastnet, I will then have all my miles and be qualified for the Mini Transat 2015.

Entry for the race opens in December, and I will be able to sign up and claim my place on the day!!