300 days to go!

This last week for me marks the beginning of a very exciting road – I’ve now officially registered for the Mini Transat 2013 – what hopefully is the beginning of a new adventure.

October seems a long way away till the start but when you start to break it all down with 300 days to go to the start there really isn’t much time. The racing calendar starts mid March and is pretty full on until the end of June when the deadline closes for qualification. Before then I need to have complete 1000 miles of official races as well as my non-stop 1000-mile qualifier.

All things going well I will be moving to Lorient mid January to start training with the other Mini’s. Leaving me 2 months to learn as much as possible and get to know the ins and out of my little boat. It’s really important to get into a routine and make sure every task can be completed without much thought process. If you can do this you are more likely to be able to perform when under pressure and with severe sleep deprivation. Equally sailing against other Mini’s is vital to be able to gauge your progress and to improve. How do you know if you’re slow or fast if you have nothing to compare yourself too?

In other news, on Thursday I took to the water with local company Sailspy Uk Sailing the leading provider of GoPro® video cameras and specialised accessories to the sailing industry. With not much wind and Baltic conditions it was a short session on the water, getting as much footage as possible. All in all it was a very successful day and I’m looking forward to working with them throughout the year.

Everything is starting to shut down for Christmas now. The boat is due to come out the water this week and be prepared for towing and the move down to Lorient early in the New Year.